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 Children it’s a blessing to watch them play

Do you think they understand what we say?

At what age will they gladly Obey

And when you call, they will not run away

They jump they turn they climb

Having a big fall is a matter of time


 We change their diapers give them their bath

Can’t wait for the next time to hear them laugh

They play with everything in site

And even play with things you don’t like

But you smile and grin

Knowing there’s a child within

Things like this can be missed in our life


 Especially by husband and by wife

Some have never even bathed their own child

Or tickle and touch them, till they laugh or smile

I guess worldly things are more important to us

We work 12 hours without a fuss

But time has pass, and they are all grown

And when where old, we wonder why they leave us alone.



 Canhebe 2014

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