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       Your First Drink


Was it wine was it beer.

Was it Liquor, brown are clear.

How did you feel. 

Did it all seam real.

Was it over real quick. 

Are did you keep going,

Till you got sick.

Many lives have been change,

Because of a drink.

And some landed in jail, 

With a lifetime to think.

It can change who you really are.

Especially if you get behind the wheel of a car.

I would say, if you never had your first drink.

Back up and give it a long, long, think.

This may not be the thing for you.

It may make you turn into someone,

Who is not really you. 

Some call it liquid courage, 

And they maybe right.

Because some drink it,

And it’s the only time, they will fight.



Your First Drink 

Canhebe 6/1/2014

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