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What is this love that we search for
Is it real or is it something that we feel 
Is it the love in which we love God 
Or is it something we just say
I love you! I love you! I love you. 
Is it Just words we say 
Like the passing of the day
Love what Am I chasing it for
If it was that good wouldn’t it find me
Wouldn’t someone say I love you to me 
I know I Love God 
Is this the same love we all share
Are when I make a mistake 
Does your love run far away 
You say you love me, shall I say the same
Is this part of the worlds love game
I really want to feel this worlds love
Like I feel for the one above
But how can I feel this way 
When I make a mistake

You run away.



Canhebe 12/8/13 

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